Results that tip the scales.


Efficiency Canada

R&G partnered with Efficiency Canada to develop a brand that highlights both their national and global leadership. The results build on their momentum as they drive economic growth, stable jobs, healthier homes and lead the fight against global climate change.


Oberland Agriscience

R&G helped Oberland establish the feeling of a strongly-founded company that's been around for years — even though it's a startup. Explore our timeless branding for this forward-thinking company using advanced tech to repurpose waste.


Obies Worms

From market research, to product launch, to ecommerce commercialization, R&G was entrusted to help the Obie's Worms team develop a nutritional and sustainably-grown pet food brand from the ground up for amphibian and reptile owners.


Mara Renewables

R&G has helped the Mara team establish credibility and authority within its newly targeted markets by redesigning and relaunching its website with a fresh, sales lead-generating focus. Mara’s mission is to develop renewable biotech for a cleaner, healthier future.


gubgub Foods

Standing out on the shelf is a B2C marketer's toughest challenge. R&G worked with the gubgub team to position its brand, design its identity and plan its go-to-market roadmap, as it rethinks our food systems by producing efficient protein products in the grocery category.


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