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Mara aims to reduce dependence on finite resources like fish oil by evolving marine microalgae to develop renewable biotech products for a cleaner, healthier future.

Their Challenge

Finding new applications for proprietary technology drives Mara’s big picture, but the company’s current growth plan and B2B focus was not in sync with its earlier sales and marketing materials.

Our Solution

We dove in with an extensive discovery process, founding the basis for a trusting partnership with the Mara team to support long term momentum. We then helped Mara pivot toward a growing revenue opportunity, with new messaging and a refresh of their website, giving them a platform which more succinctly communicates their value proposition to potential clients.

Their Testimonial

They were very good at listening to the message and transforming it into very understandable information. We’re mostly scientists so we want to put absolutely everything there. They filtered what we wanted to communicate into something that the public would understand. They were very good presenting options to us. Although they heard a lot of overwhelming information, they were patient and very good at distilling the core message and better communicating it.

I’m convinced we made the right decision in choosing them. It was a pleasure working with them. They’re very likeable people.
— Roberto Armenta, Chief Science Officer, Mara Renewables
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What Our Partners Say


Laura Sinclair
Efficiency One

"A professional and reliable partner, the team’s final product features innovative ideas."

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“I felt a very hands-on connection, they really are an extension of us. ”

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Roberto Armento 
Mara Renewables

"With patience and friendliness, the team excelled in listening and distilling large quantities of data."

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