Top Branding Agency awarded by Clutch to R&G – Nova Scotia

Written by Andrew Chaisson

On February 17, 2021

The R&G Strategic team is excited to share that we have been featured as Nova Scotia’s top branding agency!

Since our foundation back in 2017, we’ve aimed to help your sustainable organizations and companies thrive in this world. Our love for what we do motivates us to deliver the best for our clients; after all, we only have their best interests in mind. We take pride in playing a key role in their successful branding strategies and we are humbled whenever we get recognized for such efforts.

It’s our privilege to announce that once again, we have received another major award from Clutch. This isn’t our first award from them, but to get you up to speed, Clutch is a widely-respected and internationally established B2B review and rating agency from Washington, DC. They gather credible data and analyze different industries in order to determine the pioneers and leaders. Each year, their company names the best of the best from various countries and regions.

We are beyond thrilled that we made it in Nova Scotia’s 2021 leading agencies for branding. According to Clutch’s recently updated Leaders Matrix, our company is the best brand consultant. We would like to thank Clutch for the amazing award. In our own Co-Founders words:

We’re excited to be on a list with some truly esteemed names—and thankful to Clutch for getting our partners’ feedback, you’re helping us continue to help the planet!— Sarah Riley, Co-Founder, R&G Strategic

Of course, we express our heartfelt gratitude to our clients who made this all possible. We are beyond grateful for our trusting partners’ fantastic reviews on our Clutch profile. Your feedback means everything to us and you help us make an impact on this world. We are glad to have such amazing feedback such as these:

“Their knowledge of the space impressed us. They were able to translate some grandiose ideas an technical details into really succinct and clear language and visual elements without a lot of handholding, which I would say was quite unique.”

Katherine Balpataky
ALUS Canada

“They make us feel confident that they know what they’re doing and deliver to our expectations. You can hire someone and hope for the best, which I did in this case, and thankful the results have surpassed my expectations.”

Chris Papp

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