R&G Partner Sustane Technology Featured on CBC’s The National

Written by Sarah Riley

On December 1, 2020

Viewers of CBC’s The National got to see something cool this week: household trash transforming into reclaimed treasure.

It’s not magic, just homegrown science: the popular news program had a behind-the-scenes look at Sustane Technologies, a Nova Scotia-based clean tech company that’s making a name for itself in the waste transformation space.

Where does that waste come from? In the video below, it’s courtesy of CBC news anchor Tom Murphy, who delivers Sustane a bag of garbage for processing at their facility in Chester, Nova Scotia.

Watch and you’ll see how Sustane’s machinery automatically separates the contents of an average trash bag, picking out the recyclables and sending trash with recoverable biomass off to be processed into carbon-neutral fuel like biomass pellets.

Sustane’s Chester facility is ramping up to reach its full processing capacity of 70,000 tonnes a year – well beyond the amount of waste going into the Chester landfill.

R&G was thrilled to help Sustane reintroduce itself to the world in 2019 by developing a new brand and website to coincide with the launch of their flagship Chester facility.

Sustane’s sharp new look and online presence have made it easier than ever for interested parties to get in touch about bringing Sustane’s technology to other municipalities. Just this past March, the Chester facility celebrated its first successful 24-hour operational run.

You can learn more about how R&G helped Sustane develop its brand strategy and web presence by reading our case study here

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