From commercialization to launch and beyond.



R&G Discovery Session

R&G's Discovery Session process kicks off any project we embark on together, giving us a chance to assess and address your immediate communication needs, and forming the basis of a trusting partnership.



Step 2

Market Research

We disrupt your perceptions with revelations about your target market. As a first step to launching your new brand, product or service, we talk to your target audience to derive reliable, actionable insights. R&G’s market research projects help you validate your offering, ensuring you’re going after a market worth pursuing.


  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Customer Research
  • Trends and Competitor Evaluation
  • Readiness Analysis

Step 3

Brand Strategy

Your name, a visual identity and brand strategy are a rallying point your team can coalesce around. The R&G team leverages a deep well of expertise to offer branding services outlining your path, focusing your efforts, defining your sense of purpose, and (most importantly) igniting curiosity.

  • Naming and Identity
  • Vision, Mission, Values And Positioning
  • Personality and Guidelines
  • Strategic Goals and Objectives

Step 4

Market Roadmap

Marketing is crucial to success. R&G offers comprehensive and detailed marketing planning on its own or as part of a larger project. We don't just formulate - we also execute - this essential asset,  to help you achieve your business goals as you scale.

  • Key Message Development
  • Initiatives, Tactics and Budgets
  • Implementation
  • Success Metrics and Analytics

Step 5

Web and Graphic Design

A great plan is nothing without polished execution. R&G’s design team delivers beautiful, timeless and targeted creative that gets results. From comprehensive brand identities, to your marketing collateral, to product design, and packaging, to the sales-driven layout of an ecommerce website - R&G delivers.


  • Brand Identity
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Marketing Assets and Materials
  • Product and Packaging Design

Whatever stage you find yourself, R&G has a project scope that fits.