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R&G helps you navigate the complexities of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions management.

As you embark on your climate change disclosure journey, our team of ISO 14064-certified specialists offer tailored GHG accounting solutions.

Get your Carbon Accounting Started

We support the start of your GHG accounting journey, ensuring you’re equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to confidently manage your GHG inventory practice with your first baseline emissions inventory (BEI).

Support Your Climate Practice

Consider your GHG inventory managed. If you’re already disclosing your operational emissions, our expert ISO 14064-certified team can take the pressure off. Let us handle the calculations so your sustainability team can focus on implementing your strategy and driving positive change for your business.

Prep for New Policies and Frameworks

R&G’s forward-thinking team keeps an eye on emerging policy and regulatory requirements so you don’t have to. Let us help you think ahead, so you can start planning to meet future reporting frameworks and standards.

Our GHG Consulting Services

GHG Accounting Foundations

Our certified consultants help businesses establish a solid foundation for carbon accounting, including setting up emissions inventories, implementing reporting frameworks, and understanding the different scopes of emissions.

ESG Disclosures & Reporting

Our ISO 14064-certified team assists with compiling accurate GHG inventories and generating clear, concise reporting tailored to your needs. You’ll be ready to confidently share your ESG performance with your stakeholders.

GHG Footprint Analysis

We provide insights into your company’s carbon footprint, identify emissions hotspots, and give you valuable insights as you hone and improve your sustainability performance.

Scope 3 Emissions Assessment

Gain a deeper understanding of your indirect emissions by measuring scope 3 emissions across your value chain. Learn how to incorporate emissions considerations into your procurement strategy.

Compliance & Regulatory Support

Stay ahead of changing regulations and maintain compliance with our ongoing support. We’ll help ensure your business is always up to date on the latest policy landscape, emerging disclosure frameworks and industry reporting requirements.

Make a Net Zero Commitment

Based on your GHG inventory management and climate action strategies, we collaborate with you to develop a credible net zero commitment that meets internationally-recognized corporate standards, guiding you on implementing the next stages of your net zero journey.

We’ll work with you every step of the way

Supporting you with tools and processes to get the most out of your GHG Accounting project:


GHG Accounting Foundations


ESG Disclosures and Reporting


Compliance and Regulatory Support


Make a Net Zero Commitment

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