What do we do?

Feel that sea change underway? It’s your customers, clients and communities waking up to the biggest issues facing the planet. And pretty soon, they’ll have one big question for your organization: what are you doing about it?

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a drive at the heart of the world’s most successful companies. So our job is to make ESG and sustainability accessible to every company. To give you the know-how to navigate this complex, interrelated practice, and wholeheartedly apply it to your operations.

We want the power of sustainability to do more than step-up your competitive edge and enhance your business model. We want to embed concern, purpose, and—yes, even love—into your bottom line so you can improve people’s lives.

R&G makes environmental and social sustainability functional and firmly embedded in your culture. And where our ESG experts leave off, our powerhouse creative team picks up— turning your meaningful impact into brand emotion and engagement.

In short, we can make you a better you, and empower your organization to inspire and lead change in others. And hey, it might sound trite to say it, but we mean it—maybe even help you transform not just your business, but the world.

Sustainability and ESG Reporting

Our expert sustainability team can collaborate with you to collect and compile data to inform your annual reporting cycle. We can advise you on how to meet the disclosure requirements for international frameworks like GRI and SASB, and support you in aligning your reporting to other up-and-coming internationally recognized standards like the UN SDGs, Future Fit or B Corp. Need advice on which issues to report on next? We can also conduct an audit of your existing efforts, and look for gaps or opportunities to improve your impact.

Materiality Assessments and Stakeholder Engagement

Identify, map, and prioritize your stakeholders with our proprietary stakeholder mapping process. We’ll develop an engagement plan to set you up for success so that you can keep them engaged year after year, and manage your stakeholder communications by devising and implementing a roadmap to inform, drive curiosity, and enable your stakeholders to become champions of your mission and purpose.  Our proprietary and innovative materiality assessment process integrates new tools and technology to take your stakeholders, rights holders, teams and customers’ temperature on ESG issues that matter to people and to your success.

Getting Started with ESG and Sustainability

Our 5-step get started process for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) helps you get started with your sustainability or ESG strategy and roadmap, and embed a social and environmental approach into your operations and your ethos. Get a practical, resource-conscious plan to get going. We include assigned responsibilities and intended outcomes, so you can identify easy, quick wins, and begin to allocate resources for a long-term plan. We help you get your teams engaged in the effort as you integrate sustainability into your business model and begin to create shared value for people and the planet. 

Launch your ESG Initiative, Sustainability Campaign or Programming

Go above and beyond what your customers, clients or stakeholders are asking from you, by starting a movement. Set yourself apart from the competition by getting ahead of sustainability requirements and being seen as an industry leader. We can work with your team to revisit your existing policies, build out bespoke programming from scratch or launch a creative sustainability campaign or program that highlights your commitments, drives engagement with your target audiences, and creates a meaningful impact.

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