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R&G Strategic seamlessly blends creative communications and sustainability consultancy into one completely unique offering, so you can activate your strategy and share your progress.

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How we communicate your positive impact

Our award-winning work helps you inspire behaviour change for social and environmental good. Let us define your sustainability reporting strategy, brand your impact campaign or program, launch your materiality or reporting platforms for engagement and tell your sustainability story, so you can be a catalyst for positive change.

Sustainability Services

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a drive at the heart of the world’s most successful companies. So our job is to make sustainability accessible to every company. To give you the know-how to navigate this complex, interrelated practice, and wholeheartedly apply it to your operations.


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Creative Services

Creativity underpins everything we do, whether we’re creating a brand people want to come back to over and over, building a digital product or platform to delight and connect the dots for your audiences, or telling your story to shift mindsets.


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Sustaining Sport and the Environment 

With FieldTurf

Building the Sustainable Home Pavillion

With TD Bank

Making Solar Power Accessible

With SolarAssist

They really operate as a top-level agency in the industry.



Building Nature

With New Acre Project

Transforming Waste 

With Sustane

For our activation at North America’s largest green and healthy living show with a reach of 30,000 people, they created a pavilion with branding and activations ranging from interactive quizzes, seminars etc to raise awareness of the organization’s efforts in the space of sustainability and financial services. Their execution was strong across the board.



Their expertise in sustainability was excellent and we trusted their perspective. Their recommendations were excellent. Throughout the process, they were really able to guide us. They delivered on the expertise we were expecting. They were also quick and produced good work.



Our organization established such a good dynamic with R&G Strategic that we’ve already started working together on another possible interactive website solutions. Internally, we’ve had a positive experience, and we plan to continue our partnership.



Our impact around the globe

R&G’s story began with a question, “can a creative consulting team help solve the world’s toughest challenges?” Since 2016, we’ve proven the answer is yes.

R&G has helped over 100 organizations around the globe embed purpose and sustainability not just into their communications but in all the ways they do business, from embedding sustainable transformation to developing stories of shared value. We’ll let them speak for themselves. See our 5 star rating on Clutch.

Sustainability Insights and Stories

Making Sense of ESG Reporting

Making Sense of ESG Reporting

Making sense of ESG reporting–what it is, who needs it, and if it's for you As the expectation for businesses to make solid efforts in Sustainability grows, the demand for them to report on their impact has also increased. For smaller, privately owned businesses, this...

9 Types of Greenwashing and How to Avoid Them in Your Business

9 Types of Greenwashing and How to Avoid Them in Your Business

We've decoded 9 types of greenwashing––here's what you need to know You've heard of greenwashing before–but did you know there are actually several different types of greenwashing? It's true–greenwashing is more than false claims about being environmentally friendly,...

ESG vs CSR vs Sustainability: What’s the difference?

ESG vs CSR vs Sustainability: What’s the difference?

When it comes to Sustainability terminologies, these three terms get used a lot.  But while these terms may appear interchangeable, there are subtle yet significant distinctions you’ll want to know if you want to align with the ever-growing movement toward socially...