Sustainability Agency Gains Recognition as a Canada Clutch Leader!

The R&G Strategic team is excited to share that we have been featured in a recent round-up of Canada’s top marketing and advertising firms!

It’s always exciting when we get to share our expertise and experience across industries to help sustainable businesses win in the marketplace. We are proud of our team to have earned recognition as one of the top B2B Service Providers and Advertising & Marketing Agencies in Canada. Clutch also awarded us the #6 spot for Top Graphic Designers in a field of over 600 competitors, #13 in the Top Naming Companies, and #4 amongst the Top Packaging Designers in Canada.

“We’ve been able to build a team that knows how to solve just about any advertising or marketing challenge our clients bring to the table. Whether it’s web or UI/UX design to digital strategy and market research, our clients know we can deliver. It’s the combination of our results-driven execution and positive client feedback that contributed to Clutch recognizing us for these awards.”

— Liz Gosselin, Co-founder and Creative Director

Clutch, a B2B research firm, also featured some of the positive reviews our customers left after collaborating with us:

“They brought excellent, new and innovative ideas for consideration to the table,” praised one client. “To date, we have no complaints. From concept to current execution, they have been exceptional.”

Another client added, “The team hit the ground running. In 20 years, I’ve never worked with such an organized team that produced high-quality results in such a quick turnaround … R&G Strategic was a pleasure to work with.”

Beyond the coverage from Clutch, The Manifest and Visual Objects also highlighted the excellence that the R&G Strategic team has consistently achieved. Business news and insight website The Manifest highlighted our skills as one of the Top 50 Brand Consultants In Canada, and the team at Visual Objects recognized us as one of their top branding agencies.

“We’re so grateful to our clients for being a part of creating such great work. We feel honored to be recognized, but we also see these awards as a testament to the rise of sustainable innovation and our contribution to helping sustainable businesses win market share. We greatly appreciate the recognition from Visual Objects, The Manifest, and Clutch. The R&G team can’t wait to continue contributing to the successes of our clients, their businesses, and a shared sustainable future.”

—Sarah Riley Rosen, Co-founder and Director of Strategy

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