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Efficiency Canada convenes people from across Canada’s economy to advance policies required to take full advantage of energy efficiency.

Their Challenge

Together with Carleton University and four of Canada’s leading philanthropic foundations, representatives of CEEA challenged itself to evolve to address 21st century energy challenges with cutting edge policy and communication solutions. Efficiency Canada was launched on this strong foundation, but they needed a new brand to match their position as the national voice for an energy efficient economy.

Our Solution

We began with a comprehensive discovery process, which helped us gain an accurate understanding of their organization and informed how to tailor our approach to ensure success for the project and in our relationship with Efficiency Canada. We developed a brand highlighting both their national and global leadership, establishing a look and feel that strengthens their efforts with both internal and external stakeholders.

Their Testimonial

The branded materials achieved a professional and modern aesthetic that generated high-profile interest in the mission. R&G Strategic’s comprehensive research, quick turnarounds, and accurate deliverables fostered a positive experience. Expect the team to prioritize customer service.
— Natalie Irwin, Director of Stakeholder Engagements, Efficiency Canada
Efficiency Canada Logo
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