Hitting Reset on the Leading Ladies Brand – Supporting Women in Business

photograph with overlaid text that reads "Leading Ladies"


R&G Strategic is Proud to Sponsor this Networking Series for Women in Business

The R&G team isn’t just passionate about saving the planet – we’re also committed to fostering diversity and equity, especially in the workplace, and especially when it comes to promoting strong women in business and leadership roles.

Yesterday we were thrilled to celebrate International Women’s Day by debuting the new Leading Ladies Networking brand at the IWD Leading Ladies event. This beautifully-done work by our team is part of R&G Strategic’s ongoing sponsorship of the event series.

We’re excited about the results, so we thought we’d deconstruct the design thinking behind the new brand for anyone curious, and give you an inside look at our process.

The ‘old’ Leading Ladies brand was admittedly in need of retirement, but we liked it’s clean foundations and its strong bones.

Leading ladies old logo

Our first step was to strip it back to the basics to isolate and analyze what was working in the design, and to lightly polish and freshen it up.

stripping down the logo

The word mark was strong, but it just wasn’t representing the vibrant Leading Ladies community of intelligent, excellent women who inspire us. We knew what we like about the organization and how it might translate into design, but of course we couldn’t make decisions in a vacuum.

We asked the Leading Ladies Team – ‘what do you want to see?’

Their answer?

“Make it 80s!”

Well, we did a little research, and there was a lot going on in the 80s:

What even were the 80s?

So where to start? Our strategy department pulled some stats on the biggest consumer brands of women in the 80s and one jumped out at us.

For a community of iconic ladies, how about taking a cue from a character who’s had every job from scientist to astronaut? She was so iconic herself, she simply went by one name:

The Barbie Logo

We had a lot of fun exploring how this could play out in our design.

finished logo

But none of these directions was really speaking to us.

We took a second look at design trends from the decade, and another movement jumped out at us: new wave. Characterized by its colourful combination of futurism and synthesizers, new wave was about strong style, the Arts, diversity, limitlessness… and very cool textiles.

We bet a few 80s kids can remember having new wave sheets like these:

80s pattern

This angular/modular approach, combining geometric shapes for an effect both soft and hard-edged at the same time, blew the lid off for us.

We hit home with a new wave look.

Leading Ladies brand

Classy, timeless, feminine, strong – and just the right amount of ‘80s’.

Leading Ladies Brand

We’re proud to sponsor women in business through initiatives like Leading Ladies. We love the final design we unveiled last night and we hope other ‘Leading Ladies’ everywhere will feel the same way.

Look for a Leading Ladies event near you – but get your ticket early, they sell out!

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