Obie's Worms sustainably rears insects as pet treats.

Their Challenge

The market for sustainably-farmed insects as pet treats is broad. The Obie’s team needed to hone in on the largest and most lucrative market opportunity for their product.

Our Solution

We reviewed and assessed Obie’s market hypotheses through primary and secondary market research (should they aim their pet treats at reptile and amphibian owners, or backyard chicken owners?), presenting a solid case for targeting people with cold-blooded pets. We leveraged these market insights to develop a unique and playful-yet-modern consumer brand, and created a fun and effective ecomms touchpoint aimed at reptile and amphibian pet owners to help the Obie’s team pursue this audience.

Their Testimonial

For us they had a really personal touch so they were here, in person, interacting with us. I felt a very hands-on connection, they really are an extension of us. Having gone through the process for brand identity and a market strategy for Obie’s Worms I’d be happy to encourage my colleagues and my network to use R&G. I feel very content with how Obie’s Worms communicates our product to our target market.
— Barbara Campbell, Obie's Worms


Ice Awards Gold Brand Identity
Ice Awards Merit Packaging
Published in the Dieline Packaging 

Obie’s Worms brand collateral
Obie’s Worms packaging
Obie’s Worms box
Obie’s Worms homepage

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