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#PledgeToLead is a campaign focused on delivering insights and resources to encourage students to make emissions-reducing adjustments to their lifestyles via a web-based personal emissions calculator.

Their Challenge

Sustainability permeates every level of Concordia University. From curriculum to research or green buildings to student initiatives, the Concordia community is working towards becoming more responsible citizens. Their newest initiative #PledgeToLead needed a brand and a repurposeable strategy, resonating with student audiences not just at Concordia but, with post-secondary school students everywhere.

Our Solution

Working closely with the Concordia team, we created a brand with a flexible visual identity for #PledgeToLead that can be easily adopted by other post-secondary institutions. We also designed the look, feel and beautifully clean UX/UI for a personal emissions responsive web calculator, thoughtfully crafted to match the student experience. Finally, we supplied Concordia with a design roadmap to finalize, develop and deploy the platform.

Their Testimonial

The platform is under development, but the designs have received praise from internal stakeholders. R&G Strategic regularly offers ways to improve the platform and receives feedback well in turn. Their attentiveness, responsiveness, and leadership abilities make for an effortless collaboration.
— Alex MacIsaac, Outreach Coordinator, CSIM Lab Member, Concordia University
#PledgeToLead Logo
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