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Shahin Hirji of R&G Strategic Featured in Fast Company Article on the Future of Corporate Purpose in 2023

R&G Strategic is proud to announce that its ESG & Sustainability Lead, Shahin Hirji, has been featured in a Fast Company article discussing the pressure on companies to operate responsibly in 2023. The article, which highlights insights from members of the Purpose Collaborative, a global network of 42 purpose-driven firms and over 500 thought leaders and professionals, discusses the importance of societal issues, transparency and authenticity in business practices.

Shahin, a leader in the field of ESG and sustainability, is quoted in the article discussing the need for companies to embed purpose in every function:

“Embedding purpose means changing culture so that everyone, everywhere, in every function of the organization, all the major stakeholder groups, know what the company is about. Once you have established a purpose, use it as a litmus test in all decision-making and a starting point for all new projects, activities, and strategies.”

As the ESG & Sustainability Lead at R&G Strategic, Shahin is experienced in developing corporate and site-level sustainability strategies and goals, identifying socioeconomic risks and factors, stakeholder engagement, materiality assessments, and sustainability reporting and disclosure. Her inclusion in this Fast Company article is a testament to her expertise and leadership in this field.

We at R&G Strategic believe that companies have a responsibility to operate in a way that benefits society and the environment, and we are committed to playing our part in driving positive change. We are proud of Shahin for her leadership in this area and for her contributions to this important conversation.

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