RG Strategic Wins 2019 Canadian SDG Leadership Award

R&G Small/Medium Enterprise Winner

On the heels of Co-Founder Elizabeth Gosselin being named on of the Corporate Knights “30 under 30” Canadian Sustainability Leaders (and winning a trip to Germany), R&G has been recognized as a small/medium enterprise winner for its work advancing SDG goal 17: Partnership for the Goals.

The 2019 Canadian SDG Leadership Awards is Canada’s premier award for recognizing businesses and organizations that are doing exceptional work to integrate and advance action towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The awards featured leading organizations from the private, not-for-profit, and academic sectors across Canada to highlight their leadership excellence in advancing sustainability innovation, social responsibility and corporate citizenship within their organizations and communities.

R&G’s core values are driven by the triple bottom line framework of people, planet and profit. The company’s stakeholders understand the total cost of doing business must incorporate environmental impact, social responsibility and economic value. Sustainability is the qualifier R&G uses to determine its client relationships, whether they be cleantech innovators, NPOs, governments, or organizations seeking to track, measure and report social initiatives.

R&G Lead Strategist Christa Brown was on hand to accept the award. Here is her full acceptance speech:

Good evening, my name is Christa Brown. It is my honour to accept this award tonight on behalf of the small but mighty team at R&G Strategic.

I am a Lead Strategist for R&G as well as a Chemical Engineer with specialized experience in water conservation, wastewater management, and water safety. Fourteen years ago when I started my career in water conservation, global water scarcity was not a common buzz-word, especially here in Canada with 20% of the world’s surface fresh-water supply on our doorstep. As a Sustainability Communication Strategist and Professional Engineer, I believe I have an ethical obligation to influence positive policy & social change to protect our natural environment, which is why I am so proud of the work we do at R&G.

R&G Strategic is a professional brand, marketing and communications agency that exclusively partners with sustainable businesses moving towards circular economy business models. We give our clients the sustainable marketing expertise they need to reach their business goals as they develop innovative ways to manage resources, act on climate change realities, and succeed in the marketplace.

I would like to specifically thank our founders and leaders, Sarah Riley & Liz Gosselin. Liz was just named on Corporate Knights’ annual list of the Top 30 Under 30 Sustainability Leaders, and Sarah was highlighted by Natural Resources Canada during Women’s History Month as part of their Equal By 30 initiative. Due to their inspirational leadership, our team has also earned recognition as one of the top B2B Service Providers and Advertising & Marketing Agencies in Canada.

We love receiving this sort of recognition, and tonight is an example of that. However, we measure our true impact by the success of our partners. Success is launching a sustainable transportation awareness campaign for the Province of Nova Scotia. It’s building a brand for Efficiency Canada to be the national voice for an energy efficient economy. It’s working with Clean Foundation to develop SolarAssist—a web application to help Nova Scotians discover their home’s solar potential and encourage them to adopt renewable technology at home. It’s helping Australia’s Galaxy Lithium integrate sustainability and corporate social responsibility into their reporting cycle. And, it’s helping Sustane — a cleantech startup that captures municipal solid waste, turning 90% of what’s in our garbage bag back into raw materials at a cheaper cost than dumping them into a landfill — success is helping them connect with their local community and tell their story.

When our clients win, the whole world wins. Thank you.

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