Sarah Hart


Sarah Hart

Creative Director

Your brand is a moving, evolving thing, so you have to be OK with a little bit of messiness as you’re growing and learning.

Design | Web Development


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As a Creative Director at R&G, Sarah works with sustainable businesses to bring their vision to life. She is a brand & website expert with over 10 years of design experience, working with hundreds of businesses worldwide. After 5 years as a graphic designer in Halifax, she shifted her focus internationally and quickly became a leading thought leader in design thinking.

Sarah has helped thousands of businesses create outstanding visuals & stand out from their competition by joining big brands on stage at speaking events such as Shine Live, BlogJam Atlantic and Fusion Halifax. Sarah has also led workshops all over the world and sold out her personal design webinars.

Sarah’s materials are great - solid, clear, supportive. She responds to questions with such joy and kindness. I’m touched by her model on how to support and nurture hard-working students!
— Susan Tenney

Past Events

Halifax Libraries - 2018

Hubud Skillshare - 2017

Blogjam Atlantic - 2017

Shine Live - 2016

Fusion Halifax - 2015


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